Shanghai Heavy Mining Machinery Corporation (SHM) is a subsidiary company of Shanghai Electric (group) Corporation (SEC).

Shanghai  Electric  ( group )  Corporation  ( SEC )  is  one  of  the  largest  mechanical  and electrical  equipment  manufacturing  enterprise  groups  in China. Its products cover more than  ten  industries  and  range  over  power  station  equipment , power transmission and distribution equipment, rail traffic equipment, machine tools and tools, elevators, general & petrochemical  machinery , heavy  duty  machinery , engineering  machinery , mechanical basic  parts , household  appliances ,  etc .  An  important  member  in  the  world  strategic alliance  of  equipment  manufacturing , the group has established over 120 joint  ventures with well-known multinational corporations and Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Carrier, Schneider are among them.

SHM  has  made  a  great  effort  to manufacture the complete equipment for metallurgical, mining , hoist  & transportation , building engineering, building material and cement.  SHM has  already  set up are markable achievement and enjoyed  high reputation both at  local and abroad.

Shanghai  Heavy  Mining  Machinery  Corporation  (SHM)  is manage  international  trade  of  the  head  office .  The  business  scope  is  metallurgical equipment  ,  construction  engineering  machinery  ,  quarrying  and  mining  equipment , transportation and hoisting equipment etc. Including:

128m3 ~1000m3 Blast Furnace (BF)
5~50t Induction Furnace (IF)
5~100t Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) 
5~100t Ladle Refining Furnace (LF);
12~80t Pure Oxygen Top-Blown Converter (POTBC) 
15~100t All Sorts Of  Vacuum Refining Furnace etc.

Continuous casting machine:
Set up and rebuilding of billet caster, slab caster, round caster, bloom caster.

Rolling equipment: 
100,000t~1,000,000t/year.  Dia 5.5~20mm  wire  rolling  mill, Dia 20~200mm Round and Dia 8~42mm rebar rolling mill and all sorts of section steel,plate and special profile rolling mill etc.

Quarrying and mining equipment: 
Crushing, screening equipments etc.

Hoisting equipment:
Double-girder and single E.O.T. Crane, electric block, jack, various portal crane.

Electric duster and sewage water treatment equipment, industrial boiler.

Various specification casting and forging as well as steel structures.

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